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Welcome to Vocalpath Studio- home of performer, teacher & Vocal Health Professional, Megan Renae Parker.  My studio is currently full for Spring of 2024.  I will be talking to potential new students in May 2024 for the Summer Term starting in July 2024.  


As a teacher, Megan serves as your guide to help you release your most soul-free, empowered voice and share it with the world!  Ages 6 and up+ Together we'll explore the systems of the voice, vocal health, and expression as I help you down your VOCALPATH.

Contact me now to set up a first lesson!





(425) 389-6830
Bellevue, Washington



  • One-on-one private lessons, both online and in-person for vaccinated students

  • Greater self confidence

  • Customized repertoire song selection

  • Musicianship and sight reading skills

  • Improved concentration, memory & cognition 

  • Stylistic cross-training (musical theatre, pop/rock, classical & more)

  • Audition and performance preparation 

  • Access to masterclasses with guest teachers

  • Vocalpath Studio recitals

  • Competition/festival access and preparation

  • Reduced stress/anxiety & more!

Professional Member of: National Association Teachers of Singing (NATS); New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA); Eastside Vocal Federated Music Club (EVFMC); Northwest Chapter of the Voice Foundation (NWCVF)

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"Megan is definitely the ideal singing teacher: she's fun, enthusiastic, and very energetic (whether we're singing German lullabies or Upbeat Pop). She's really flexible and always open to new ideas. Her teaching style is perfect for singing as Megan offers enough scientific details (about the larynx or the vocal cords) and along with really fun and helpful training exercises (my favorite being the lip trill). Under her tutelage, my singing skills have improved so much and now my repertoire includes not only French, German, Italian, and Spanish songs; but also multiple different genres too."

— Lakshmi


"Megan is a patient and kind professional who has helped me a great deal with getting over pain caused by a contact ulcer in my throat. I teach young singers and often have a hard time remembering how to sing correctly in the moment. Megan's quick but accurate tips on how to remedy these habits have been incredibly helpful. Her expertise of knowing how to diagnose my vocal issues is top notch, and she quickly puts me at ease as I am not a trained singer, but a clarinetist! Thanks so much for your help, Megan!"

— Jodi


"Megan is an incredible teacher who I credit with getting my 14 yo daughter through the long days of the pandemic. She has helped her improve her singing immensely, and is also a wonderful mentor and warm friend to her. We’re so glad we found her!"

— Jenna


"Megan is wonderful to work with.  She is relentlessly positive and is talented at digging into what is getting in your way vocally even if the habits have been developed over a lifetime.    I am able to sing with so much more freedom, expression and control after working with Megan!"

— Dan

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